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A simple way to start solving your cases in the cloud


The dashboard is the starting point of our application after signing in. From here you can easily access your projects that were created within your KaleidoSim account as well as your current core hour, storage month and download balances. You can also easily top up your balances from here.

Project creation

Set up a new project by clicking on the "Add Project" button on the dashboard. A project serves as a hub for the cases which will be added in the next step.

Case upload

In the case detail view you are able to select or drop your zipped case folder. You are also able to select multiple zipped cases in the project view to upload all of them at once and create cases automatically.

Run case

Select the cases you want to run via the checkbox next to them. Then select the virtual machine you'd like to use, hit "Run" and let the cloud solve your case. To make sure you don't hit "Run" accidentally, you are required to confirm and will also see your current balance. Whilst your cases are being solved in the cloud, we'll show you a heartbeat. Please note that running cases can be stopped by you at anytime, or if your core hour balance runs out.


After the cloud has solved your cases, you are able to download and view them locally.....

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