The tool to boost your OpenFoam® simulations

Whether you only need a single simulation or an extensive parameter study for your problem - our cloud simulation platform offers easy access and massive computational power for all OpenFoam® solvers and more.

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The security of your cloud data is one of our highest priorities. All our disks are encrypted. No one else but you has access to your projects and cases.

Affordable Simulations

Attractive pricing: pay for as many core hours as you need with our cloud CFD-Simulation product. No auto-renewal or monthly fees are applied.


Our platform is designed by CFD engineers for CFD engineers ensuring seamless usability.

Adjusted to your needs

Your cases need more CPU? No problem, start virtual machines with up to 96 cores. Not enough memory? Start virtual machines with 6.5 GB memory per core!

As accurate as it gets

Our platform is based on the proven numerical basis: OpenFoam®. OpenFoam® is open-source and used by thousands of CFD engineers and developers!

Powerful Monitoring

Keep track of your cases - whenever - wherever. Local or mobile, you're always able to monitor the progress and stay up to date.

Start the virtual machines you need

Within the KaleidoSim platform you can select from a wide variety of powerful virtual machines. Soon you'll be able to customize your own virtual machines as well!

Your entire simulation environment in one place

KaleidoSim provides you with all OpenFoam® Versions: ranging from Version 2 up to Version 6. Benefit from all CPU power and storage you will ever need.

Simulate faster

Simulate as many cases as you need simultaneously

At KaleidoSim we want to enable engineers to understand complex problems not just from one perspective but from all possible perspectives.

Clean overview of your projects

A dashboard showing you all your metrics

See the performance of your cases

Why KaleidoSim?

KaleidoSim is a cloud-based simulation platform which is accessible to everyone and fully utilises today's and the future's power of the cloud.

How we boost your engineering

Streamline your local resources to the tasks at hand and let the cloud take care of your simulations. KaleidoSim lets you run all your simulations simultaneously and in parallel. Virtual machines with up to 96 cores and 624 GB memory are available right now. Much more will be available in the future.


Make use of multiple perspectives

Upload as many cases as you feel you need to understand the full complexity of the problem at hand. We are currently working on the implementation of a "Design of Experiment" (DoE) interface which will allow you to create, run and postprocess hundreds of cases with only a few clicks.


Reduce hardware and maintenance costs

While clusters are very expensive to obtain and maintain, they are usually still not sufficient. Most of the time they are either idle or, when needed, not powerful enough to handle the loads.
KaleidoSim lets you pay for exactly what you need!


Your ideas make the difference

With KaleidoSim you get access to powerful virtual machines suited to your budget.

Does your thesis have the potential to make an impact and requires computational resources? Drop us a line, and we'll see how we can support you to make it happen.


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