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KaleidoSim release notes

Stay up to date with our latest developments. If you have any questions regarding a release or if you're wondering what will be in our next release - Please get in Contact

Version 1.1.0
Sep 19th, 2019

Enhanced usability!


  • Multiple cases can now be uploaded at once.
  • Users can now run all cases of a project with one click.
  • User script is implemented automatically and can edited by the user.
  • Through the run script users can now post process their cases on KaleidoSim.
  • Output files can be reused as input for other solvers!
Version 1.0.1
Aug 16th, 2019

Enhanced existing monitoring possibilities!


  • The Case detail page now shows the current timestep of the log file.
  • The Case detail page now additionally shows metrics such as free memory of the running virtual machine.
  • Running cases can be terminated.
Version 1.0.0
Jul 15th, 2019

As of now the public can start using KaleidoSim and start cases directly from their browser!


  • Beta testing phase succesfully completed.
  • Added Sign up possibilites - users can now sign up to the plattform for free.
  • Added online payment service to the platform.
Version 0.9.0
Apr 1st, 2019

Beta testing has opened!


  • System go live.
  • Users can upload cases to KaleidoSim.
  • Users can group cases by project.
  • Added existing OpenFoamĀ® versions (2-6).
  • Users can run cases on selected virtual machines.
  • Added dashboard, profile sections to the platform.