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Multiphysics solver for coating processes in terms of MSCC

This talk will demonstrate simulation software advances focusing novel Kaleidosim based cloud computing capacities as well as extensive validation efforts. Thereby a large number of metallic substrates has been coated and evaluated in terms of measured vs predicted relative coating thicknesses. An extensive series of cloudbased simulation runs has been conducted in Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing (MSCC) mode, approximately 80 coating experiments have been performed and 240 Coatmaster 3D measurements have been done and evaluated.

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Official citation: Boiger, Gernot KurtSiyahhan, Bercan ; Lienhard, Viktor , 2020. Advancing the validation and application of a Eulerian-Lagrangian multiphysics solver for coating processes in terms of massive simultaneous cloud computing .  In: Multiphysics 2020. International Conference of Multiphysics, Online, December 11-12, 2020. International Society of Multiphysics. P. 38. Available here

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