At Kaleidosim we specialize in orchestrating the cloud in order to revolutionize workflows in high performance computing. Whether you strive to bring scientific or analytical software to market, would like your own privately managed cloud with a fully customisable workflow or simply want to free your software from the constraints of limited local resources, we have a solution that fits your needs. Bring your HPC software and workflows to the cloud with KaleidoSim and experience the power of MSCC (massive simultaneous cloud computing).

Cloud driven scientific and analytical simulations, software and processes is our passion and speciality. MSCC (massive simultaneous cloud computing) can bring many benefits in various areas even we can not yet fully grasp. You strive to leverage your software to the cloud to gain local-resource independency, including fully customizable workflows? You have developed a piece of software you would like to market to your customers – cloud-based and featuring your own platform/GUI? No matter the complexity and nature of your challenges, we look forward to tackle it alongside and with you.

Complete Management

Complete user Account, Case & Project Management

Data Security

Leading edge data security and legal aspects covered.

Specific Adaptions

User specific adaption of GUI.


Enables Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing.

Simultaneous workflows and calculations.

Kaleidosim cloud technology can enable users of any HPC software to not just unleash but actually orchestrate 10‘000‘s of Cloud-based CPU cores simultaneously and at the ease of a click. No matter what type of HPC software you are using. Kaleidosim will enable you to bring your workflows to the cloud and take advantage of our revolutionary Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing technology.

Machine scalability

KaleidoIntegrate grants the users of your HPC software access to a wide variety of powerful Cloud-based hardware. Whether you require customized CPUs, GPUs or whether you just need many machines simultaneously. We will integrate the solution you need.

Lifting off the weight of the cloud

Kaleidointegrate provides your software with everything it requires to blend in seamlessly with the cloud: Cloud-database, VM access, highest-cloud-data security standards, revolutionized workflows and more. All in your own custom-tailored cloud platform, having the look, feel and functionality you want.

Your custom tailored GUI

Your custom tailored GUI//

Your selection of Software

Your selection of software //

Your choice of Hardware

Your choice of Hardware //

Why KaleidoIntegrate?

KaleidoIntegrate is about lifting your software to the cloud. Let’s merge your software seamlessly with Kaleidosim – some of the most advanced Cloud orchestration technology on the planet. Free your users from the cost and burden of local hardware, while you explore novel business models, streamlined for the age of the cloud.


Market your own … //

… sell more – easily

Streamline your current software and make it as available and accessible as you possibly can. Unshackle yourself from prior restrictions by offering your product via an individual cloud based platform – on the highest technological level featuring custom, tailored and targeted GUI.


Revolutionize … //

… Workflows in HPC

Harness the power of our Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing technology for users of your software. Thus revolutionize workflows such as parameter-studies, optimization runs, sensitivity analysis and ensemble computing in general.


Reduce costs … //

… for hardware and maintenance

While clusters made sense back in the day, nowadays, they’re just very expensive, a pain to maintain and never up to date, hardware-wise. Clusters are often idle and usually not powerful enough when needed most. Let us discuss how we can free you and your users of these constraints.


Easy access … //

… for you and your customers

Your own KaleidoIntegrate platform grants you and potential customers easy and hassle-free access, from anywhere, anytime. We can help you to think out of the box, shine new light on your business potential and – above all – make it easy for your customers to access your product.

KaleidoIntegrate: This is how it works

You have an already great computation-intensive simulation software? You wish to lift your software to the cloud, creating a completely new business-case by leveraging its performance for your users, by removing the need for costly soon-out-dated local hardware and by unleashing the power to orchestrate 10’000s cloud-based CPU cores simultaneously? Amazing! You are in the right place. See below how we will work with you…

1st phase:

Proof of Concept

Being Swiss, we believe in highest quality standards. Thus we always proof comes always first. Let us start by having our team of
specialists evaluate the compatibility of your software with our cloud technology.

2nd phase:

Cloud Integration

Be it your own cloud-gateway, the integration of a “cloud-button” within your GUI or a whole added cloud-software package; Our uppermost priority lies in lifting your software to the cloud in a way specifically tailored to your and your customers’ needs.

3rd phase:

Evolving your Cloud-Business

Once technical functionality of your cloud solution is established, the real fun begins. Let us lift the total weight of the cloud off your shoulders and support you wherever we can, while you enlarge your novel cloud-business case and while your users stand in awe.

KaleidoIntegrate, and there is more ...

24/7 Support

Round the clock and instant tech support.


Integration for cloud access directly from your software.

Accounting system

Fully elaborated accounting system for usage.


Online data storage and post processing.


Product features tailored to your needs.

Start your
KaleidoIntegrate today!

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