Start using KaleidoAPI with Javascrip or Python today

The Kaleidosim cloud API provides methods to programmatically, or automatically, control the cloud.
We offer methods that can be used for simple automation scripts right through to completely integrating KaleidoSim cloud into your existing software.

The KaleidoAPI implements a simple REST interface, which means you can use it with any programming language you choose. We also offer OpenAPI support allowing you to automatically generate code with Swagger, Orval, etc., speeding along your developments.

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How to get started

Get it going with KaleidoAPI //


Software Examples

We understand that an example speaks more than 100s of pages of docu


Javascript and Python

This is what you need to prepare in order to get started


Javascript and Python

Download code and learn about installation and configuration


Javascript and Python

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1. Introduction

The sections below, plenty of documentation in our Resource Section and the Kaleidosim Cloud API Explorer, detail how to get started with the KaleidoAPI, so that you can orchestrate the cloud seamlessly from within your software.

We are software developers too, so we understand that an example speaks more than 100s of pages of documentation. In the sections below you can get started based on complete examples for accessing KaleidoAPI from Python and Javascript languages. Bear in mind that our REST API can be used from any programming language you choose. E.g. even a bash script with wget is possible.

2. Prerequisits

What you need to have to complete this task:

  • Knowledge of either Javascript or Python
  • Ticking the boxes for detailed prerequisits as listed under Learn more

  • We also recommend to get acquainted with our Kaleidosim cloud API explorer.

3. Installation

Install our code-examples for Javascript and Python:

4. Running

Run code examples for Javascript and Python:

To run our KaleidoAPI examples for Javascript and Python, just click Learn more and follow the steps as instructed. Also retrieve additional Relevant information about the examples here

KaleidoAPI Documentation

The Kaleidosim cloud API explorer documents the API and also lets you try the KaleidoAPI without writing any code. Check out the explorer right here:

Integrate seamlessly //

Kaleidosim Cloud API Explorer

Find out how to use the Kaleidosim cloud API Explorer for documentation purposes, then move onto a tutorial showing how to apply the explorer for directly trying out different API calls…

All in our KaleidoAPI documentation. 

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