Start using GeoDict 2023 with Kaleidosim Cloud Functionality today

Kaleidosim is proud to be partnering up with Math2Market in supplying their latest release of GeoDict – GeoDict 2023, with Kaleidosim cloud technology. Now GeoDict users gain the ability of conducting 100s of computation runs in the cloud by the push of a button.

GeoDict users can thus revolutionize their workflows for simulation-based material development by achieving speed-up factors of 50-100 while saving costs and valuable work-time spent.

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How to get started

Setup information for GeoDict 2023 with Kaleidosim Cloud Functionality //


Find here all the information you will need in order to set up the cloud functionality of GeoDict 2023.


This is what you need to prepare in order to get started

System Setup

Learn about download, installation and configuration of the software

Running a Cluster Sweep

All in place? Then buckle up for the fastest GeoDict cloud-based cluster sweep you have ever seen.

Speed up your

The GeoDict 2023 Cloud Functionality speeds up any cluster sweep to a point where doing any number of simulations, feels like conducting just one single simulation run.

Increase your productivity //

Compute more

The Kaleidosim Cloud Functionality for GeoDict 2023 will dramatically boost your simulation output per work-hour spent, data-density and thus predictive quality of your simulations.

Minimize work-time spent //

Cut costs

Save valuable work-time-spent as you seamlessy integrate the Kaleidosim Cloud Functionality of GeoDict 2023 into your GeoDict workflow. Spend minutes instead of hours on parameter studies, sensitivity analysis and ensemble computing in general.