With Kaleidoworkflow we are constantly pushing boundaries, for you-our customers, for ourselves and for cloud computing technology as a whole. One of the main things we discovered is that so much can be done in using horizontally scalable cloud-technology. We have already proven that simulation workflows involving parameter-studies, optimization runs or ensemble computing in general can be accelerated by a factor of 50 to 100 by applying our revolutionary Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing technology. We make running vast amounts of HPC runs on a convenient, every-day basis as easy as pushing one button. For simulation engineers this means that suddenly a completely new quality arises from quantity.

Within the newly achieved capability of being able to conduct vast amounts of simulation runs faster and easier than ever before lies a potential far beyond just producing more data. Suddenly broader design parameter ranges can be considered, data-intensity can be increased, insight can be
depend on and novel products and processes can be developed faster, more efficiently and with ever higher predictive quality. Just imagine what it could mean for your workflows to be lifted from all constraints of local hardware, to be lifted to the cloud and to be accelerated 50-times and more.
Wouldn‘t that completely revolutionize the way you predict, engineer and develop? We surely are eager to put our technology to the test for you. We want to prove that it can be done. Challenge us! And do not forget: Compute More!

Accelerate …

… your workflows by factors 50 to 100.

Simplify …

… your workflows to the ease of a click.

Expand …

… your data basis for engineering and development.

Detach …

… your workflows from local hardware requirements.

Simultaneous workflows and calculations.

Kaleidosim cloud technology can enable users of any HPC software to not just unleash but actually orchestrate 10‘000‘s of Cloud-based CPU cores simultaneously and at the ease of a click. No matter what type of HPC software you are using. Kaleidosim will enable you to bring your workflows to the cloud and take advantage of our revolutionary Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing technology.

Machine scalability

KaleidoIntegrate grants the users of your HPC software access to a wide variety of powerful Cloud-based hardware. Whether you require customized CPUs, GPUs or whether you just need many machines simultaneously. We will integrate the solution you need.

Lifting off the weight of the cloud

Kaleidointegrate provides your software with everything it requires to blend in seamlessly with the cloud: Cloud-database, VM access, highest-cloud-data security standards, revolutionized workflows and more. All in your own custom-tailored cloud platform, having the look, feel and functionality you want.

KaleidoWorkflow: This is how it works

You have already established more or less elaborate, more or less efficient workflows in the field of computation-intensive processes? You feel that your output could be increased by removing the need for costly soon-out-dated local hardware , by streamlining the way you do things to the age of the cloud and by unleashing the power to orchestrate 10’000s cloud-based CPU cores simultaneously? Then you are probably right. Let us take a look at this together and multiply your productivity. See below how we will work with you…

1st phase:

Proof of Concept

Being Swiss, we believe in the highest quality standards. Thus, for us, proof always comes first. So let us start by having our team of specialists take a look at your
workflows and let us evaluate the compatibility with our cloud technology. If we are not 100% sure that we are capable of helping, we won’t charge a single Swiss Franc.

2nd phase:

Cloud Integration

Be it via your own cloud gateway, the integration of a “cloud-button” within the software you use or a whole added cloud-software package; Our uppermost priority lies in lifting your workflow to the cloud in a way specifically tailored to your needs, while you can just dramatically accelerate and simplify what you do best.

3rd phase:

Supporting you all the way

Once the technical functionality of your new cloud-based workflows is established, the real fun begins. Let us lift the total weight of the cloud off your shoulders and support you all the way, while you increase your output massively, deepen your insight, broaden your understanding and simplify each task, as you stand in awe at the sheer power of our cloud.

Why KaleidoWorkflow?

KaleidoIntegrate is about revolutionizing your workflows by lifting them to the cloud and by letting our innovative software enable you to do so much in parallel which you used to do in sequence. Let’s merge your workflows seamlessly with Kaleidosim – some of the most advanced Cloud orchestration technology on the planet.

Streamline … //

… your Workflows

Let us streamline your current HPC workflows and lift them to the cloud. Unshackle yourself from prior restrictions by working in parallel rather than in sequence
via an individual cloud based platform – on the highest technological level featuring custom, tailored and targeted GUI.


Revolutionize … //

… your Workflows

Harness the power of our Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing technology for users of your software. Thus revolutionize workflows such as parameter-studies, optimization runs, sensitivity analysis and ensemble computing in general.


Reduce costs … //

… for your Workflows

While clusters made sense back in the day, nowadays, they’re just very expensive, a pain to maintain and never up to date, hardware-wise. Clusters are often idle and usually not powerful enough when needed most. Let us discuss how we can free you and your users of these constraints.

Access … //

… your Workflows

Our KaleidoWorkflow concept grants you, your coworkers and your customers easy and hassle-free access to your work, from anywhere, anytime. We can help you to think out of the box, accelerate whatever you do and – above all – make it easy for you and your customers to access your work.

KaleidoWorkflow, and there is more ...

24/7 Support

Round the clock and instant tech support.


Integration for cloud access directly from your software.

Accounting system

Fully elaborated accounting system for usage.


Online data storage and post processing.


Product features tailored to your needs.

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KaleidoWorkflow today!

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