Kaleidosim OpenFOAM Cloud Platform update: OpenFOAM 10 and OpenFOAM v2212 now online!


Beware FOAMERS! OpenFOAM versions OpenFOAM 10 and brand new OpenFOAM v2212 have now been uploaded to Kaleidosim, the most easy to use and most advanced Cloud Computing Platform for OpenFOAM. 

Just zip your locally created OpenFOAM cases, learn how to use Kaleidosim Cloud Platform within 5min and, at the push of a button unleash as many simultaneous simulation runs as you need!



Learn more about Kaleidosim Cloud Platform for OpenFOAM @:


Sign up to Kaleidosim Cloud Platform for OpenFOAM (and retain 50 free vCPUh for the first 50 vCPUh you purchase for just 7$) @:




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