KaleidoSim can lift your software to the cloud. That means several amazing things:

  • Your users will be able to access and execute your software browser based. No local installs, no-more extended costs for investment, admin, operation and upkeep for local hardware.
  • Your users will be able to choose from any latest, cloud-based hardware. Thus, they will be able to solve potentially vast HPC problems which for their local hardware would be impossible to tackle.
  • Your users will be able to revolutionize some of their most essential workflows e.g.: parameter studies, optimization runs and ensemble computing problems in general by being able to use our revolutionary MSCC Massive Cloud Computing technology.
  • Your users will be able to unleash and orchestrate 10‘000 cloud-based CPU-Cores simultaneously and at the ease of a click.
  • You and Your users will benefit from our pledge to ensure the highest standards of cloud-data security.
  • Your Software will thus contribute to increasing productivity, efficiency and data density of your users’ HPC workflows, while simultaneously helping them to cut costs and valuable work-time spent.
  • While enabling all added benefits cited under A)-F) for your users, you will still remain the one and only decision maker in terms of pricing the new services towards your customers.
  • You will retain a highly evolved admin-cloud interface in order to keep full track of usage of your software, in order to expect full and easy-to-implement software version control (individual software packages for each customer) and in order to distribute cloud-resources (vCPUh) to your clients‘ accounts.
  • You will be able to dramatically increase your overall revenue, since you can now tap into spending which your users would otherwise have to invest for expensive hardware. Even more so, since users will discover what all can actually be computed at the ease of a click when the vast resources of, e.g. the Google cloud are at their fingertips.